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Welcome to FiveProng

Sit down, have a cup o' joe, and relax as we tell you all about FiveProng Inc.

FiveProng was founded by JLowe and associates in 1998, and word of its progress has spread all over the globe. We deal in everything from ebay to Jenny's Ribs, with FBU, university especially for cats to Cybergrave, the home for the dead on the Internet. FiveProng began as a small mom-and-pop shop, and expanded exponentially to have millions of locations world-wide. Right now our base of operations is in Florida, but that does not mean you will not be able to find us everywhere else.

So, you may be asking yourself, why join FiveProng?

As a member of FiveProng you will receive 25% off of all of our fabulous FiveProng products, including grants for your cats at our prestigious FBU, and over 100 GB space for your dearly departed at CyberGrave. You will never have to pay for entrance at any of the FiveProng conventions. You will also have close contact with JLowe and associates to answer all of your FiveProng questions, and fulfill all your FiveProng needs. Members will have complete access to www.fiveprong.com, and as a member, you will be able to post suggestions and even have your own column or webspace on fiveprong.com.

Listen to what some of our members say about the wonders of FiveProng:

Thirduncle says: FiveProng is an inspiration to us all. I get songs directaly to my answering machine sung brilliantly from the founder of FiveProng, JLowe and associates. There isn't a better place in the Universe than FiveProng!

L_C_J says: I graduated sigma cum louda from FBU (although it should have been called Harvey U), and now work as a Physicist for FiveProng's Rocket-To-The-Moon project. I make a ton of money and lay around the house all day. Although, big sister and little brother tend to bother me too much. I hate them. Leave me alone!

Fox B'Not says: I see a lizard. Let me go chase it.

preppyloser says: If it weren't for FiveProng, I wouldn't be the girl I am today.

bishiboy says: I didn't know I was here. What am I doing, again? Oh yeah, FiveProng. It rules!

So join us today, space is limited. All new members will receive a free song courtesy of JLowe and associates.

FiveProng. We hold up the Universe.
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