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New Music Release

Out now is a brand new exclusive Five Prong release from Average Joe:

STRESSA WHER IN CONCERT (Parallel Time Version)

In 2003, Strausser created one of the most beloved mix CDs of all-time entitled, STRESSA WHER IN CONCERT. A concept album featuring soundtracks in song to various episodes culled from a day in the life of the unstoppable Peacekeeper, with bonus live cuts. The CD was a smash success, and some versions even contained a different tracklisting, making it even more of a collector's item! Some copies with Strausser's autograph are going for as much as $75 on Ebay!

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Average Joe proudly presents the Parallel Time companion to Strausser's CD, entitled STRESSA WHER IN CONCERT (Parallel Time Version). Here's a special sneak peak at the tracklisting:

1. Spectacular (Graham Coxon)
2. Art Decade (Bowie)
3. Being Boring [live] (Pet Shop Boys)
4. Waiting for Today to Happen [97 version]
(Lightning Seeds)
5. Plus Profond (Hooverphonic)
6. Woman In the Waves (Michael Franks)
7. Get Around To It (Arthur Russell)
8. Parallel Life [album version] (Starseeds)
9. Sleep Alone (Moby)
10. Secret Friend (McCartney)
11. Sex Drive [hard drive mix] (Grace Jones)
12. International Lover (Prince)
13. 2/1 (Brian Eno)

To order your copy, contact Average Joe today!

And congratulations to Fox B'Not, the winner of our Sound Art Remasters contest! Yay! He received the special red and blue disks! Congratulations Fox!
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